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US Polo Association: Shop Classic American style Boxer Shorts & Polo Shirts from this Heritage Brand


US Polo ASSN is one of the most iconic brands to emerge from the US, as it’s been the official brand of the United States Polo Association (USPA) since 1890. Their infamous brand logo is recognised worldwide as it features two polo players on horseback.  

This tradition led brand creates a large range of clothing for men, women and children. However, they also make luggage, home furnishings and accessories such as watches, sunglasses and underwear.

Their clothing has a preppy ivy-league look, but it also gives off a traditional authentic vibe. The U.S. Polo ASSN speaks to what is authentic about the sport, and honours the tradition of polo. It helps foster an inclusive environment, where everyone is invited to be a part of this extraordinary sport.

The sport of polo inspires a way of life characterized not only by its competitive players, but also by the classic, high-quality styling of the clothing they wear. This brand is known for their classic look polo shirts, hoodies and boxer shorts.

Worn by various A-list celebrities from actors to models, USPA has caught many people’s attention enabling them rank within the top two most recognisable classic American style brands. 

Since incorporation in 1890, they have been able to use some of their profit to promote the sport of polo and underwrite beneficial educational and training programs. These include support training centres for Intercollegiate and interscholastic polo competition, fund programs in umpiring and competition and equine welfare.

A particularly popular trend this season is their use of the classic primary colour palette which can be seen on many of the garments and accessories in the current collection including men’s polo shirts, boxer shorts and hoodies. The assorted 3-pack boxer shorts and rugby shirt are brilliant examples of this hot trend!

As one of only a few official UK stockists, UKK will have fresh new deliveries direct from the brand on a regular basis in the coming months.

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