The Most Instagram-worthy Brunch Spots In London

Posted on 17 August 2018

The Most Instagram-worthy Brunch Spots In London

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As of recent, a new trend has completely taken over social media… 'Brunching!'

Commonly known as the meal eaten between breakfast and lunch. Bloggers and food lovers alike are finding it difficult to restrain from sharing a cheeky snap of their Avo on toast, from their favourite brunch spot. Take a look at of some of my favourite 'Instagram-able' restaurants and cafes in London. These will definitely make you say "WAIT...Don't eat anything yet, I need to take a picture first!"


Èlan Cafe
Mayfair & Knightsbridge
Elan Cafe

Photo Credit: 📷 @thisfoodismianne


Covered from the ceilings to the floor, this elegant café is most popular for its flower walls. The abundance of white and pink roses gives you a heavenly sensation from the moment you walk in. It's like entering a mystical floral wonderland. They take great pride in their coffee and presentation skills are off the chart. The handcrafted beverages look like works of art that are too good to drink! Èlan likes to experiment with a wide range of flavours from Turmeric to Matcha, as it incorporates health benefits into the coffee. Their menu ranges from Acai Bowls to savoury breakfast plates - meaning there is something for everyone. It's no secret to the staff that this place is an 'Insta' hotspot. They are more than happy to offer their photographic services, helping you get that pic for the 'gram.




Photo Credit: 📷 @secretgardenhome – 📷 @kirstovertheworld


The Gallery is filled with luxurious pink plush furniture, and that's just one of the many themed rooms Sketch has to offer. They provide a wide range of services from memorable afternoon tea experiences to boozy brunches! Now as strange as it may seem, this place is most well-known for its toilets. Yep that's right – toilets! Their multicoloured ceilings and egg-shaped pods attract multiple trips to the bathroom, even if you don't need to go!


Saint Aymes
St George's Fields

Saint Aymes

Photo Credit: 📷 @katie.kalanchoe – 📷 @irkkuliri


Its exterior is covered in the captivating plant Wisteria. Adding an enchanted feel to your overall experience, as its climbing vines grace you upon entry. The owners state you should "expect a floral heaven full of decadent treats laced with 24ct gold for that extra touch of magic." Now if that doesn't sound enticing what does?

Unicorn coloured treats and lattes all round!




Photo Credit: 📷 @andie_worldwide – 📷 @fralnaimi


A place that sells brunch all day? what more could you want.

We see what you did there with your play on words Dinner + Brunch = Drunch! From stacks of pancakes to burgers and chips - this place is the perfect hangover destination to recover from the night before! Who needs IV Vitamin drips and Detox clinics?


The Coppa Club
City of London

Coppa Club

Photo Credit: 📷 @riacatherinedines – 📷 @rummniang


Booked up months in advance, people can't get enough of these igloo shaped huts. Great for dining in your own personal bubble! When the weather is nicer they open up the glass pods allowing for a much more relaxed atmosphere to enjoy a meal or drink.

Which brunch spot will you visit first?


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