How To Graduate Better Than Yeezy

Posted on 18 July 2018

How To Graduate Better Than Yeezy

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People people people. What can I say? What a year it’s been!

If you happened to stumble across any of my previous posts, you might know that in January I started out as an intern at UKK. At the time, I was also studying at university and working part-time, and I can’t deny that sometimes it was tough. But now that I’ve graduated, and I’ve found myself the perfect job, I know that it was totally worth it!

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This, my final post, is for all you recent graduates who are still waiting on your perfect fit.

I will not lie to you, finding a job is not easy. Applying for jobs is also not easy. In fact there is nothing easy about the first month or so after uni. But I’m here to tell you that there is something out there waiting for you.

I think I applied for about 10 graduate jobs before I found mine. That may not sound like much, and I know lots of people who applied to so many more, but when each application takes days and you have to travel up and down the country to interviews and assessment centres, spending money you don’t have, only to be told “unfortunately you have not been successful on this occasion”, it can be pretty soul destroying. Seriously, I hate that line. But please stick it out. Apply to jobs that you think you’ll enjoy even if you don’t think you stand a chance. If the interviewer likes you, you’re certainly in with as good a shot as anyone.

For me, my shot came when I applied to be an International Sales Executive. I know. I thought it sounded way to fancy for me too. But when I arrived at my interview, me and my now boss just chatted about my talents and experiences – we even managed to have a laugh. Now my job can take me around the world. Sometimes the most important thing to do is just be yourself and try and enjoy the experience as much as you can. Remember an interview won’t kill you. Probably at least.

Here’s hoping that we all can have a bit of luck in this crazy graduate world.

So long UKKers!


Stay Awesome,


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