Autumnal Fashion on a Budget

Posted on 17 September 2018

Saving Money Tips

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So Autumn is almost upon us, Sunday 23rd September to be exact! Which means its nearly time for the leggings, cosy jumpers and chunky knitwear to come out. If your wardrobe contains the same mundane, lack lustre beige cardigan that you wore last autumn, then it's time for an update! There's never been a more perfect time for a revamp. You won't need to spend a fortune, as I’ve come up with a few tips to help you save and slay.


Saving Money Tips

        1. One of my favourite and most underrated places to shop are charity shops. I know what you’re thinking…ewww those clothes have been worn. Those clothes have people’s body juice all over them. I’m not sure if you’ve heard, there’s this amazing contraption that was invented a few years ago called…wait for it…a washing machine! Guaranteed to give even the mustiest stenches a boot! On a serious note, you can really bag a steal shopping in charity shops! On one my past adventures I managed to bag a vintage 100% leather jacket. You know like the ones they wear in The Matrix, for only £10. I've also sourced a Yves Saint Laurent denim jacket for £8. Anything denim is perfect for the autumn season, so that might be something you want to put on your must have list when rummaging through the rails!
          2. eBay is a secret fave of mine and a great place to find really cool retro Autumn wear. People are always looking to get rid of old items. Remember... one man's trash is another man's treasure! There's always the chance to grab items at a steal if you plan your tactics right when engaging in an auction battle. If you're ever short on money and can't wait until your next pay day, you can sell some of your unwanted items on eBay and use the profit to fund your next purchase.
            3. ASOS Marketplace is another online outlet you should take a look at. You can find some reasonably priced items on there. They have a lot of colourful and funky grungy and sporty pieces to spice up any outfit. It also has the option to shop in the sale, so what are you waiting for? Go and have a browse.
              4. This is a tip most of us know about but not enough of us utilise... DISCOUNT CODES! We're all fans of a cheeky discount code. Before you start browsing on your favourite site, make sure you search around to see if they have a sale, or any current promo codes you can use. That 20% off sure adds up when you've got high priced items in your basket! One of the apps I use on my desktop for items that require a bit of saving is 'Shoptagr'. It’s a desktop addition at the top of your browser where it allows you to save items. Then alerts you when a price change happens so you can get the best deal!
                5. My last tip is clothes customisation using items you already own. It could be as simple as just distressing a pair of old plain jeans that you've had for years. A few rips at the knee, sew on some buttons, and tah-dah! A new pair of jeans, without a withdraw transaction on your banking app.

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