Our 2019 Festival Essentials – Get Ready With Us

Posted on 23 May 2019

Our 2019 Festival Essentials – Get Ready With Us

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Festival season is here! You’ve bought your ticket; the group chat is getting everyone excited and now you’re wondering what to pack. It’s a good idea to travel light, but there will always be a few things you can’t live without. Whether you’re camping or going for the day, check out our festival must-haves as they’ll be a few things you won’t have thought of.

girls in front of carousel at festival

  Photo credit: @ibilleves

Portable phone charger (Weekend/Day)

Your phone WILL die, facts! Selfies, group pics, filming your favourite artist on stage will drain your battery. If you haven’t got a portable charger already you need to invest in one, it will save your life. It’s also a good idea to set up a meeting point with your friends. Why, you ask? Do you know what happens when 1000’s of people all upload to their Insta story at the same time? There’s no service or signal! There’s a big chance you will get separated, so just be prepared.

girl posing in front of charging station at coachella festival

 Photo credit: @sabrinamnguyen

Bum bag (Weekend/Day)

Due to security reasons, most festivals have a small bag policy! They don’t allow bags bigger than A4 paper. So DOUBLE CHECK and TRIPLE CHECK before you go. It’s a good idea to keep high value items e.g. cash, bank cards and your phone out of sight! Check out our selection of bum bags, backpacks and bags for inspo.

girl at festival wearing bum bag

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Layers, layers, layers (Weekend/Day)

It can be hard to predict how hot, cold, wet or sweaty you’ll get at a festival. So be prepared for all weather outcomes with a selection of light layers. Take a waterproof jacket, a hoodie for the evenings and an umbrella (great shelter from the sun and rain)!

person standing in rain at festival wearing waterproof jacket

 Photo credit: @festivalpeoplemagazine @glaunocanalis

Bin bags (Weekend)

You’ll be surprised how many uses you can find for a bin bag! In wet weather, they make perfect makeshift ponchos, you can sit on them to avoid wet grass, and use them to separate muddy/clean clothes. Or… You know, you could just use it as a bin bag. But sleeping in a wet sleeping bag is not great! A pro tip is to put a bin bag over the bottom of your sleeping bag, to keep the Great British rain from ruining your beauty sleep.

festival tent set up

 Photo credit: @sortedfestivalessentials

Snacks (Weekend)

Most day festivals don’t allow food to be taken in, so campers this is for you! Festival-going makes you hungry. Cereal/protein bars, nuts and dried fruit are all great and don’t take up much space. Especially when you’ve been pinned against a barrier for the last few hours waiting for your favourite act to hit the stage. The options are endless, just make sure they don’t need a fridge!

 churros and ice cream at coachella festival

Photo credit: @ridgeschurrobar

Sun cream (Weekend/Day)

Sun burn challenge? Yeah… let’s try and avoid that! You’ll be spending all day outside – whatever the weather! Avoid looking like a lobster and keep your skin protected, but don’t forget to top up a few times a day.

couple in front of sun ray

 Photo credit: @aman.shai.xox

Accessories (Weekend/Day)

There’s no such thing as too much glitter! Add some shine to your outfit by using body gems, flash tattoos, and glitter! Don’t forget you’ll need a way of sticking the glitter – a not particularly obvious choice but hair gel works wonders! A cheap and widely available staple that’ll make your glitter last all day, without irritating your skin. Don’t forget sunglasses, flower crowns, masks and bandannas as when it comes to festivals you CAN’T overdo it.

man accessorising with bandana

Photo credit: @bandits_bandanas @johnfurth

Wet wipes (Weekend/Day)

If it’s your first time at a festival, it’s likely to be an eye-opening experience… and not just because of the amazing bands and electric atmosphere. You’ll be able to smell the toilets before you can see them! Be prepared for long queues and overall bad hygiene over the course of the weekend. There are no sinks/basins to wash your hands unless you happen to be in VIP. Wet wipes will be your best friend when you’re camping at a festival – they’ll wipe away your glitter at the end of the day, double as makeup wipes and prove essential when the British weather sticks to tradition and turns your festival field into a mud bath.


Heading to a festival this summer? Check us out on Instagram to see how we style those festival vibes, and let us know what your festival essentials are that you can’t live without!

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