What’s in My Bag? – Airplane Essentials 2019

Posted on 29 May 2019

What’s in My Bag? – Airplane Essentials 2019


We all know how stressful flying can be. The panic about whether you are going to make your flight on time. How early do you have to drag yourself out of bed? Will your suitcase be overweight with your 1001 outfit options? The list is endless!

Hand luggage is the make or break of your journey! Making sure you have the right things packed in your carry-on to keep you sane has never been so important. Take a look at our must-have aeroplane essentials to avoid unnecessary stresses when flying, so your holiday can begin as soon as you set off.


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Airport attire

The mental battle of looking good but being comfortable is real. Guys, we say go for cool but casual with a lightweight tracksuit or sweatshirt and shorts co-ord! And girls you can’t go wrong with a jumpsuit or oversized jumper and cycling shorts/stretchy gym leggings. Ditch the high-rise skinny jeans! If your flight ends up delayed and you’re sat for hours, this could be the ultimate nightmare.

Sliders; an outdoor alternative to slippers! Grab a pair and take advantage of the ability to slip them on and off. Providing ultimate comfort and giving you the option to put your feet up on the flight! From subtle, simple black to extra fluffy pink sliders …the options are endless.

Drown out the noise

Drown out the inevitable screaming babies and noisy families with a good pair of headphones. Start blasting your holiday playlist, favourite podcast or binge on Netflix. Don’t worry if you’ve left it last minute. Take advantage of the free airport Wi-fi and get downloading! But make sure you pack a portable charger to ensure your phone/iPad/laptop doesn’t die on you.


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TOP TIP: bring an aux lead to plug your Bluetooth headphones into the plane’s TV system, so you can enjoy that movie without having to use the basic headphones provided.

Plan your holiday looks

If you’re on a long haul and have exhausted all the film options, pick up a fashion magazine or browse your fashion apps. Start planning your holiday outfits! Piece together looks from what you’ve already packed, or continue to grow your wish lists.

Get your beauty sleep

An eye mask is the ultimate ‘don’t talk to me’ accessory that will ensure you are left alone by fellow passengers and flight attendants. Add some ear plugs for extra ‘do not disturb’ vibes.


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Stay fresh

Who feels fresh when stepping off of a flight? Especially a long-haul! Most of your favourite products come in miniatures so pack; dry shampoo, hair gel, concealer, deodorant, lip balm, chewing gum, sheet mask, portable toothbrush etc. Anything and everything to help hide that post-flight mess.

Pre-holiday photoshoot

Keep the flight interesting and start documenting your travels with a photoshoot. A Polaroid or disposable camera gives that edgy, retro effect that everyone is loving on Instagram. Start snappin’ to save the memories.

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You will need the perfect piece of hand luggage to carry all your aeroplane essentials. We have a ton of cross-bodys, bumbags, bags and backpacks that will fit all your gear, and match your outfit. Getting your holiday off to a good start! Being hands-free means you can get those all-important ‘see ya later England’ Insta stories.

Now that we’ve got that covered, you are fully prepped to go and have the best holiday ever! If you feel like we’ve missed something out let us know.

Where are you off to on your holiday?

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