Hoodrich UK - "From Nothing To Something"

Posted on 13 March 2017

Hoodrich UK - "From Nothing To Something"

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HOODRICH UK have been around since 2014. I guess you could say I came late to the party, as they only came to my attention towards the end of last year. Their designs immediately caught my eye as there was a great range to choose from. Hood Rich don't just produce the same design printed across a lot of different products which can be a strategy most brands adopt (no shade). You can tell there is an underlying passion for the product!

OG Hoodie
I spoke with Jay the brand director last week and this is what he had to say, "HOODRICH was inspired by the American streetwear scene. Over there they always support each other, and are always doing collaborations." When asking him how he got in to the business, he replied "I've always been in to clothes and streetwear so it casually and naturally just kind of happened."

Jay admits he has been incredibly lucky as he's had a lot of people supporting him. A few pieces from the collection have been spotted on a few UK celebrities. Mostack wore a Hoodrich hoodie in his music video. Dizzee Rascal, Mist and Sneakbo can also be seen regularly representing the brand.
When enquiring about his use of social media, Jay stated "Social media has definitely helped grow the brand. People can instantly share and see what's going on. You've got to know how to utilise it." His mum really supports everything he does. And it was this support (sharing his content on her Facebook account), that ended up catching the eye of business entrepreneur Alexander Amosu.
Makin' Moves Tee – Icon Tee
HOODRICH have previously collaborated with GVNMNT clothing. Another local clothing brand from Birmingham. Together they created a few limited pieces. Brands merging together to come out with exclusive lines, is what increases excitement for avid collectors. Jay's ultimate collab would be with Bape. Sometimes you have to speak these things in to existence!
HOODRICH x GVNMNT Collaboration
HOODRICH are definitely up there on our 'Brands to Watch' list! Already debuting some of their collection at a pop-up at Men's Fashion Week this year. There is nothing holding them back. They've given us a lot to look forward to. As well as bringing out some exclusives and a classic line, some of the old pieces will be coming back as they're hugely high in demand!

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