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Blac. Pop-up Store Launch Party - Shoreditch, London

Posted on 06 March 2017

Blac. Pop-up Store Launch Party - Shoreditch, London

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It's a Thursday night in the city and what else is there to do but go to a launch of a new brand! Blac. apparel launched their new collection and website with a pop-up store at Boxpark in Shoreditch. The chilled back, relaxed, friendly environment of the launch perfectly reflected their clothing.

Bluebell/White/Black Box Tee

The brand see themselves fitting in to all subcultures, meaning there is something in the collection for everyone. Rebecca Dudley from Apple Music and MTV, was on the decks shelling down the venue. Rocking the women’s lounge set in rouge, from the SS17 Collection.

Becca D (MTV and Apple Music)

When you think of a child’s party, cake and sweets are some of things that immediately spring to mind. You think of an adult's party and they are usually connoted with alcohol and appetisers. There was no shortage of refreshments as the party went in to full swing leaving hardly any space inside. Yes this event was a popular one!

Blac. Beer Fridge

There was a fridge kitted out with Innis and Gunn beer and alcohol jelly sweet appetisers. Yes, that’s right. They had Gin, Vodka and Whisky flavoured sweets on offer to all guests. Of course I had to try one. The inner child in me just couldn't resist.

Original Denim Tee, Blac. 5 Panel hat, Beenie and Jelly Sweets

The brand image and brand presence remained consistent throughout the night. Oscar (Blac. Director), pictured below, was with two of his brand ambassadors who featured throughout the SS17 campaign.

Oscar, Lloyd and Simian McIntosh

The night was drawing to an end, stock was beginning to run low and all in all it looked to be a very successful night. Well done Blac. We can't wait to see what happens next as the brand is definitely one to keep an eye one!


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