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Hot Graphic Print T-shirts from Original Geek

Posted on 20 February 2013

Hot Graphic Print T-shirts from Original Geek

Original Geek has successfully tapped into a huge market with their attention grabbing designer t-shirts. Since there is a huge number of people who love to wear t-shirts regularly, their bold prints and graphic styling serves as a solid base to build their mens clothing brand. The Original Geek trend revolves around fun, beautiful and cheeky printed t-shirts. If you look for quality and originality with comfort then this is a winning style choice for you. Their tongue in cheek street wear is a hot trend loved by men who dare to show their suggestive side.  The bold graphics are printed with the latest in technology for a sharp finish to fully show off the stunning featured ladies with her sexy geek specs. These images epitomise the desires of the current hot blooded generation who enjoy following fashion, showing off the freshest styles and creating a stir with their latest look. With a great variety of Original Geek designs and colours to choose from there is a print to satisfy every man’s taste.



Whether you’re out clubbing with friends, on a beach holiday partying till dawn, or simply meeting up with your buddies for a night in watching the footy, these awesome t-shirts will be a huge hit among your crowd. You’re guaranteed to get some intriguing looks and draw welcome attention from your cheeky choice of clothing.

Don’t be afraid to show your appreciation for geeks. Original Geek has undoubtedly bucked the trend of geeks being less popular with their storming success and growing number of fans from the high street to top name celebrities. This unique sense of style transcends society’s divisions so any guy can stand out from the crowd with an Original Geek on his chest. Easy to wear and simple to mix and match with any jeans, joggers, skinny chinos, cargo pants or shorts, regardless of colour or fit.

At UKKolours we make purchasing these t-shirts so simple and at fantastic prices too; at always less than RRP how can you resist?  Buy online and get free UK shipping on orders over £30. Grab your favourite Original Geek t-shirt and be distinctive, show some attitude and rock your inner geek chic style!

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