Bench Clothing Continues to Deliver Quality Jackets & Hoodies

Posted on 15 March 2013

Bench Clothing Continues to Deliver Quality Jackets & Hoodies

The Bench brand originated in the UK but is now available all over the world, right across Europe and as far as Canada, the US and Australia. Founded in 1989, in the city of Manchester, the brand began its journey creating streetwear style and has now advanced into a universal lifestyle brand. From casual streetwear for men, the company has now diversified into an extensive clothing line for women too, including joggers, jeans, hoodies, t-shirts, dresses, belts and bags. The company has a wide network of their own stores and associate retail outlets but here at UK Kolours we offer incredible online discounts so you buy Bench designer style at the best prices.



Bench is continually recognised as one of the coolest streetwear brands around and is much loved for the urban lifestyle designs they rollout every season. Bench clothing initially began with t-shirts influenced by the skateboarding and BMX scenes. The brand also had a strong link with the Brit Pop music phenomenon which surrounded its original outlet in Manchester. Maintaining strong associations with famous singers such as Lady Gaga, Robbie Williams and the Black Eyed Peas is what keeps the Bench brand at the forefront of today’s fashion scene and has also led to some music collaborations on various tours and albums.

For the men’s autumn/winter ’13 collection they’ve combined the company’s heritage along with a practical approach to clothes. This line reaches new heights and landscapes, bringing mountains and hills to the city. To give the collection a classy modern winter look, shaggy fleece linings and Nordic-inspired sweat fabrics are used. When designing this collection, designers kept in mind practical and utilitarian details and gave some traditional finishes to create a fresh, unique style. The theme supporting this collection was a culture clash which was inspired by technology, new media and music. The latest line is designed for a modern world with abundance of sights and sounds, experiencing life in full colour where designers used bright tones against navy, charcoal and black. Some of the rustic collection was influenced by seal brown and picante colours to give a more traditional effect.

The women’s autumn/winter ’13 collection tells a story of exploration and adventure using clothes specifically made for versatility and comfort. With a functional perspective, this line of clothing is linked with the origins of the brand. It includes multi-pockets, military details, and wild craft influenced trims that were all put together to create work wear for the journey. Additionally, this line is a dedication to the misfits, the attention seekers and to those living a loud life in an unconventional manner. These pieces were an inspiration from late night stories such as underground parties in London and from Berlin street art. The colour palette ranges from khaki, to rustic orange, to a mix of reds and burgundy. The winter collection gives an effect of daybreak on a shiny winter morning. Forest bitten evergreens, strong magenta pinks with deep teal are some of the colours that bring these clothes to life.

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