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Almost a hundred years old, Converse is one of the most Iconic brands worldwide. The star insignia is recognised on a global scale.

Its beginnings as a rubber shoe company could not have predicted a company still making waves almost a century later, but that is exactly what the Converse brand has become. With a typical American image, their offerings have grown from a basic basketball shoe to encompass premium loungewear, footwear, bags, hats the list goes on.

Thanks to Chuck Taylor open any shoe cupboard the world over and you are sure to find a pair of Converse All-Stars. The trademark basketball shoe was created in the 1920s and with only a few minor changes has remained the same classic design ever since. The signature white rubber sole, smooth rounded toe cap and wrap around strip have become a footwear phenomenon.

Loved and worn by Sports heroes, rock stars and the regular man on the street, the simple styling of the Converse brand has defined a generation. Design teams keep the products simple and unfussy, preferring to let the products do the talking. Leaving the wearer with a blank canvas to create their own style story. What will your story be?



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