What Happens in Freshers Week?

Posted on 03 September 2019

What Happens in Freshers Week?

Starting Uni over the next few weeks? We’ve got you covered.

Find out what you can expect from Freshers Week and check out our top tips for dressing the part…

What is Freshers Week?

Freshers Week is a week (or two weeks for some v lucky Unis) of socialising and getting to know your chosen Uni before lectures start. It’s a great opportunity to meet your mates and get a taste of student life before the hard work kicks in.

The date of Freshers Week varies between Unis but tends to fall mid to late September. Make sure you check your Uni’s website for exact dates, you don’t wanna miss out on all the fresher’s fun! We defo recommend that you move into your accommodation ASAP to make the most of meeting your flatmates early.

What happens in Freshers Week?

Expect parties, parties and more parties! During Freshers Week there tends to be endless nights out planned and big events every day, sounds good, right? A lot of Unis also hold fresher’s balls which is worth grabbing tickets for.

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If drinking isn’t for you, not to worry! There’s plenty of activities during the week completely unrelated to alcohol.

Be sure to check out the fresher’s fairs your Uni has organised. These are a great way to find out more info about the societies and sports teams you may want to join. Whether it’s swimming, boxing or football you enjoy, get involved! There are often hundreds of big sports teams at each Uni and it’s the perfect way to meet and hang out with your best mates whilst keeping fit.

Freshers Week also involves getting down to business. It’s a chance to get prepped for the term ahead, to check you’re fully registered for your course and to maybe take a look at module choices. For most of us, freshers’ flu is inevitable so take the opportunity to get registered at your local GP so you can quickly see a doc if you’re unwell.

Whatever your style, make the most of everything happening during Freshers week!

Be fashion ready for Freshers week

With all the parties, events and often a ball, you’ll need a range of outfits for your Freshers Week. Get inspo from us to make sure you make a good first impression during freshers…

Moving in day

First impressions are key and on moving in day you’re gonna want to look your best but also be comfy. In reality, you’re gonna be squashed into the back of your parent’s car between boxes and bags, and then you’re gonna have to drag all your stuff up the stairs to get to your home for the next year.

Pair light wash dad jeans with a black tee and trainers for that effortless vibe, yet you’ll be looking right on trend. Want an urban street look? Roll up your jeans and pair with Vans.

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Hitting the pubs & clubs

When picking a trendy going out outfit, sometimes less is more. Opt for a cool and casual look for a night at the local club or a trip to the pub with the lads. Get kitted out with a few pairs of jeans and some well-fitted tees to pair with branded trainers. Stylish sweatshirts and a jacket are also night out essentials.

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Go ballin’

Freshers week often involves a ball so remember to pack something a bit smarter to make sure you’re looking dapper.

Hangover central

If you like to drink then fresher’s week comes with a guaranteed hangover. Much like moving in day, if you’re gonna be lounging on the sofa all day nursing your hangover, you’re gonna need to be comfy.

So we’re thinking cool, sporty vibes are the way forward. Go for joggers, a tee and an oversized sweatshirt to chill around your accommodation. And if you can’t make it out of bed, then the choice is yours…

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With Freshers Week drawing close, be sure to hit the shops and head to our website ASAP to get wardrobe ready for all the fun that can be guaranteed to come with your first week of Uni.

 Catch ya later!


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