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Posted on 17 February 2018

Megan Williams LFW

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Yesterday I attended the BA Fashion Design (University of Westminster), runway collection at London Fashion Week. It was a monumental start to kick off the season. As it was the first time EVER an undergraduate course had been invited to show off their collection, and be placed in the LFW schedule.


LFW BA University of Westminster

 Ambika P3

Upon arrival it was nothing short of a typical Fashion Week show. Being surrounded by fashionistas, bloggers and photographers the space quickly filled up. You could tell this show was highly anticipated and a pinnacle point within the fashion industry. The fashion show lasted 30 minutes. I saw so many amazing pieces in that time. I wish I could show you them all, but instead I'm going to review my top three.


Megan Williams LFW Collection

Megan Williams

Megan's menswear collection was inspired by the book Spacesuits: The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Collection. She used the structured outerwear worn by astronauts as a base to create bespoke practical pieces. High-shine silver 'space blankets' were bonded to lightweight bases for loose-fitting jackets and oversized trousers. This collection is something I could see being easily adapted by Topman or H&M. The panelled joggers, structured bomber jackets, oversized hoods and jumpsuits were executed perfectly!


Lauren Audrey

Lauren Audrey

Lauren's collection was one of my favourites! Her use of colour, texture and patterns just blew me away. The collection celebrated the high glamour of the 00's and female empowerment. Her use of multicoloured faux fur, glitter, thigh high-boots and crystals was nothing short of amazing. All of Lauren's pieces I'd happily feature in my wardrobe.

Dillan Chipchase

Dillan Chipchase

Dillan's collection was another one of my favourites and bought back a lot of childhood memories. As soon as I saw the first model come down the runway, I straight away thought of the Lost Boys from Peter Pan. Having previously interned at Alexander McQueen, her menswear collection was inspired by William Burroughs' book The Wild Boys. Dillan used destroyed clothing, and the irrationality of ‘lawless’ dressing as a base for her collection. Her use of foraged textiles, woven Japanese Ikats and stained WWI flags created an anarchic aesthetic.


Thank you for inviting me to watch this amazing show! I am glad I got to witness the progression, in which the direction of the fashion industry is currently moving towards. BA Students debuting their looks at LFW was previously unheard of. Now students get to become a part of what they inspire to be, established fashion designers.


Until next time guys.




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