Top 5 City Breaks for 2019

Posted on 14 August 2019

Top 5 City Breaks for 2019


Want a break from your usual day to day life? We feel you. Cop some vitamin D and a few holiday bevs in our suggested cities. 2-week holidays are a thing of the past as long-weekend trips away are becoming quickly more popular.

We get it. You’re on a budget, you can’t take weeks off work but still want an escape. The top 5 city breaks listed in this post are at the LONGEST a 2 and half hour flight away and, when looking at the right times, can offer some cheap prices.   
Take a look…


Located in central Europe, it takes just 2 hours and 25 mins on a plane to find yourself in what is already a hot spot for city breaks. Budapest is the capital of Hungary and is known for it’s cheap drinks and thermal baths. Grab your swimming trunks and head to Széchenyi Thermal Bath which is Budapest’s largest and very first thermal bath.
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The Széchenyi Thermal Bath’s are also hosts to bath spa parties (sparties for short) which sees the traditional baths being transformed into a bath festival for the evening. Happening on most Saturdays, I wouldn’t miss out if I were you.


Well known for it’s stunning architecture and beautiful city-scapes, Prague is the Czech capital and offers experiences like no other. If history and buildings aren’t your thing, don’t fret. You prefer food, nightlife and partying? Just know that The Czech Republic reigns as the champions for the most beer consumption per capita in the world, with Prague being at the centre of this title.
Head to The Pub. Conventional name for a totally unconventional venue. You can pour your own pints as each table is fitted with beer taps for everyone involved. On top of the self-serving taps, there’s often LIVE sports fixtures shown, huge burgers and a jukebox.  
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If you don’t want to be indoors, take the beers outside and pedal your way round the city. Prague’s beer bikes have ALL the hype as you explore the city with UNLIMITED Premium Czech beer. What’s not to love?


 In less than 2 hours, you will find yourself in Berlin, a city with huge history which should be explored at every opportunity. The East Side Gallery, an art exhibition created from the remains of the Berlin Wall, consists of a series of murals painted directly onto the wall. With over 100 paintings, artists have turned this historic wall into the world’s largest open-air gallery.
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Along with uncovering more about the past, Berlin’s music scene has a huge focus on techno. Dancing till dawn isn’t for everyone, so why not visit the Liquidrom. Head into a techno-influenced spa experience as you can float in the pool whilst listening to electronic tunes…if you’re after a unique evening, think we’ve got you covered…


This city is a veteran at hosting long weekend trips away. Eccentricity is welcomed here from the colourful buildings down to the crazy experiences on offer. A beautiful thing about this destination is the ability to choose how involved you want to get without it affecting your overall trip. You can be as chill or as eccentric as you like and still come away loving this place.
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Into your street food? Try heading to ‘Foodhallen’ where 21 stands are waiting for you to try their speciality. From sushi to tacos, pizza to dim sum, arrive HUNGRY! There’s often live music from up and coming bands to add to the atmosphere too.


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A city break with a beach, you down? Barca is just 2 hours away and offers the best of both worlds. You can wander the streets, visit all the sites which are probably designed by architect Anthoni Gaudi and then head to the beach to relax. All of this can be done on foot as it’s a pretty compact city or via their metro system – very similar to London tubes.  
One difference to the London underground is that their subway trains are completely air-conditioned, so if you’re travelling in the summer, catch a breath and stop the sweat patches by hopping on the metro. Cop the day passes for the best prices ranging from 2-day to 5-day passes.
If you’re needing help packing for a holiday, be sure to check out our In-Flight Essentials post to make the flight as comfy as poss.

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