Through the Eyes of a West Ham Fan

Posted on 02 March 2018

London Olympic Stadium

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West Ham Vs. Watford (10/02) - London Olympic Stadium

We’ll start with the train there. There were lots of West Ham fans on it, singing and stuff, being a bit loud. The people around us were getting a bit annoyed. People always get annoyed about people singing on the train... Anyway, we get to Westfield and they’d blocked off the normal way we walk because there’s building going on. So we’ve got to walk all the way around the side to get to the stadium. Yeah, it was raining. Yeah, my hair got wet. No, I didn’t have an umbrella. You’d get beaten up at the football if you brought an umbrella!

London Olympic Stadium

 London Olympic Stadium

We had to queue up, but we finally got in there. We had a couple of pints waiting for the game to start. Oh, it’s expensive. Things are really overpriced in there - it was like £4.90 or something stupid like that for a pint. But we finally get out and sit down at our seats. See, we’re season ticket holders so it’s always the same seat. I’m right next to the away fans, so there’s a gap of about, erm, ten seats or something between me and the rival fans. When I went to a Spurs game some guy chucked a coin at someone.

So all the players walked out and we sang ‘I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles’, the club anthem. Then the game begins. 

London Olympic Stadium

 Season Ticket Seat View

It starts off OK, we’re playing pretty well. I’m happy. We get a goal! We score a goal but it’s ruled offside. It shouldn’t have been, it should have been a goal. Everyone in the crowd is shouting at the ref, shouting abuse at him. Then, first half, Javier Hernández - Mexican striker - scores for us. Header. Pretty good goal! So we’re going into half time 1-0 up. That’s good. I’m not that confident because its West Ham and they, like, give away leads and stuff like that.

So, yeah, after we get the half time pints in we start the second half. We’re not looking as good. Watford are a bit all over us, looks like we’re going to concede. Then, ah, Arnoutović! A player who’s been out injured - he’s probably our best player at the moment. It’s the first game he’s started, he’s playing really well. He gets a goal, 78th minute. Secured the win. We just had to hold out until the end - 2-0 win! Great!



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