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Style Tips for a Backpacking Holiday!

Posted on 16 July 2019

Style Tips for a Backpacking Holiday!

Summer is here and you've just booked your backpacking holiday, but what on earth do you wear to hike up a mountain in the middle of Asia?

If the hipster harem pants look is not for you, DON'T PANIC. We have the answer. 

Be Practical but Stylish

The first and most important item…. the backpack. This is going to hold your entire life contents over the next coming weeks. So, it obviously needs to be practical (boring, we know), but don’t fret.

With brands such as Hype, Nicce and Superdry, there are many options to stay stylish and be able to fit in all the essentials.

The same goes for footwear. You will probably only have room for one or two pairs of shoes. We recommend trainers for all the walking/hiking/exploring you are going to do, plus, a pair of flip flops or sliders. Super narrow so will easily fit in your bag and ideal for those more chilled out days.


Photo credit: @justhypegermany

Mix and Match

Having a few versatile, staple items is what will save you on the fashion front when on your backpacking holiday. Simplicity is key.

Staple items include…

  • A white tee – goes. with. everything.
  • Polo shirt – a dressier option if you hit the bars.
  • Shorts – jersey shorts, swimming shorts, denim shorts - pack shorts. LOTS OF SHORTS.
  • Jumper – a zip up hoodie or sweatshirt is a necessity but only pack ONE.
  • Playsuit/jumpsuit – one for the girls. Minimal effort required and a stylish choice.
  • Bum bag/cross body bag – crucial for keeping your personal belongings safe. (also, ideal for when you leave your backpack at your hostel but still need to carry the essentials)

Mixing and matching these items will allow you to put together cool but casual outfits, be comfortable and still look like a boss.

TOP TIP: some cultures prefer their guests to cover up when in certain areas or landmarks – hence why many sport the harem pant! So, pack at least one longer pair of trousers/skirt.


Photo credit: EastPak

Keep Accessories to a Minimum

When opting for a simple outfit, the first thing you want to add is accessories to bring it to life. However, backpacking plus small things (jewellery, hair bands etc.) equals lost items. There is absolutely no point bringing your favourite gold ring or Tiffany necklace that you got for your 21st bday. To put it bluntly, they will not return home with you.

Larger statement accessories that are also super useful work better when backpacking. Sunglasses, hats and socks are all items you can wear whilst on the go, freeing up space in your bag and adding that finishing touch to your outfit.

Ditch the Hair and Makeup

When at home, we know that all you guys and gals love to be well-groomed and glam. But, let’s be honest here – hair and makeup is probably the last thing you are going to bother with whilst backpacking.


Photo credit: @neweracapstyle

Chuck on those huge sunglasses and a hat. No one will even notice that you are going without hair gel or a spot of concealer. And hopefully, you will be sporting a nice tan to rep that healthy glow.

Plus, with these style tips – your laidback backpacking holiday look will do all the talking for you so you won’t have to worry.

You now have the perfect capsule wardrobe just in time for your backpacking holiday, where are you off to?

Speak soon,

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