Pop Music Awards or Brit Awards? Is it finally time for Change?

Posted on 23 February 2017

Pop Music Awards or Brit Awards? Is it finally time for Change?

So what did we think of the Brit Awards last night, was it diverse enough? When you hear the term diversity it’s usually associated with race. But in this instance the diversity issue was the lack of genre representation on stage!

What about Gospel, Afro Beats, Hip Hop, Dance/EDM as well as Grime? It would not be too much to ask to have a successful artist to perform on stage, and represent each genre. Or as many genres as they can fit in the time space.

Here’s the issue. Take away Stormzy and Skepta, and the entire performance could have whole heartedly fit in to one genre. This is the BRIT awards after all right? So ITV you’re telling us British musicians only produce one genre of music? We are not in 1977 any more.

To make matters worse, Skepta’s performance was largely criticized as they muted 50% of it. Even though it was past the watershed, as it was after 9pm. Yet Dermot O'Leary was uncensored and swore, saying “Bat-shit crazy” whilst introducing him on stage?

It was speculated that the only reason the Brits have changed the panel is because Skepta publicly shamed them, and called them ‘embarrassing’. This lack of representation has been going on for years, and is one of the reasons behind the creation of the Rated Awards. The KA and Rated Awards was created in 2015 to celebrate British Rap, Grime and Urban music.

The new Brit Awards panel was only implemented towards the end of last year and so I guess we will have to wait and see next year if there is any change. Watch this space..


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