Our Guide to Concert Attire

Posted on 16 March 2020

Our Guide to Concert Attire

Whether you’re off to see Drake, Mabel or The 1975, you’re gonna want to look the part. Whatever music you’re in to, you’ll want your concert outfit to be on trend yet super comfy. With this in mind, take a look at our guide to concert attire for some inspo to get you started…

Colourful or patterned tee

Depending on your style, a concert can be the ideal op for you to go all out and let your personality shine through. Choose a top that’s brightly coloured or add a splash of excitement to your look with patterns, camouflage or animal print.

If you’re not about buying a whole new outfit for a gig, style jeans and a denim jacket with a statement colourful or patterned tee, and let the tee do the talking.

Ripped jeans

Ripped, slouchy jeans look brill at a gig and add a cool edge to your overall look. Wear with a plain white tee and an oversized shirt or hoodie.

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Cargo pants

Baggy = comfy!

So, if comfort is more up your street, ditch the jeans and opt for a pair of loose-fitting cargo pants. Cargo pants are becoming more and more popular and really give off that effortless streetwear vibe. Insta worthy? 

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Sweatshirt or denim jacket

REMEMBER: There’s nothing worse than being stuck carrying a bulky coat when you’re at a gig. Instead, make sure you bring an oversized sweatshirt or hoodie with you as a layering option. You can easily sling this over your shoulder if you get too hot during the show.

A denim jacket is another great layering piece as they’re so versatile and light. Pair with ripped jeans to look the part. 


Going to a concert guarantees you’ll be on your feet for a while, especially if you’re standing and wanna get there early to secure the best view of the stage (recommended!)

Stylish, branded trainers are the answer here and will keep you on your feet, dancing the night away for sure.

You’ll want your kicks looking fresh so check out how you can get your trainers cleaned through Instagram before you go!

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Bum bag

A bum bag is an absolute necessity for any concert, so you can keep your hands-free and enjoy the show.

Bucket hat

If you wanna take your accessory game to the next level, we love to throw a bucket hat into the mix! The Lyle & Scott Bucket Hat is perf for outdoor concerts and as we approach festival season (our fave time of year!)

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We hope you’ve got the inspo you needed to pick out a 10/10 concert outfit. Let us know what gigs you’ve got lined up later on in 2020?

Catch ya later!

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