My 2018 Valentine's Day Guide

Posted on 02 February 2018

My 2018 Valentine's Day Guide

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Finding something to do on Valentine’s Day can sometimes be a task and a half. Whether you’re on a budget, trying to plan your first date or struggling to surprising your partner!

I’ve tried to help by coming up with 10 things you could do this year with your loved one. This list isn’t just for couples, even if you’re single – grab your bestie and make a day out of it!

    1. Sky Gardens, Fenchurch Street, London

      London Sky Garden

      Photo Credit to Sky Gardens

      The London Sky Gardens are well known for its vast views of London and fancy cocktails. It’s a great spot to romantically watch the sun set, over the spectacular views of London. Whilst the entry is free, food and drinks are optional. Creating the perfect opportunity to take a seat and let the evening unfold, over a few cheeky cocktails on the observation deck.


      1. Dinerama, Shoreditch, London

      Dinerama Shoreditch

      Picture credit instagram: @streetfeastldn

      Are you and your partner huge foodies? Yes? Then this is the place for you! Dinerama is an arena style venue that serves a huge variety of street food and drinks, from all over the world.


      1. Electric Cinema, Portobello, London

      Electric Cinema Portobello Road

      Photo Credit Instagram: @floresemnottinghill

      Who doesn’t love going to the cinema? Make it even more enjoyable by stretching out and relaxing on those luxurious armchairs and beds, whilst you watch your film! Just try not to fall asleep throughout the film…


      1. Crazy Bear Hotel, (various locations)

      Crazy Bear Hotel Room

      Photo Credit Instagram: @itsbeenalongweek

      This place is luxurious, relaxing and “Instagrammable”. What more could you want from a little get away? Its stunning interiors and delectable restaurants means you don’t even have to leave your hotel. One night here and you’ll feel like you’ve had a glamorous and well-deserved break with your loved one. 



      1. Take Away & Movie Night

      On a budget this Valentine’s Day? Whether you’re saving up for a holiday, or a deposit to move out together. Why not enjoy the company of your loved one with a great film and your favourite take away?


      1. Paris, France

      Eiffel Tower Paris France

      Photo Credit Instagram: @mister.bae

      Now this idea is on the pricier side. But perhaps you and your partner are also celebrating a big anniversary this year? Or just feel like you deserve a treat! Enjoy spending time with your loved one, whilst sipping hot chocolate in cute cafés in the centre of Paris!


      1. Home Cooked Meal

      None of the above ideas tickling your fancy? Perhaps staying in and cooking your favourite meal together is the best way to spend some quality time together. If you’re feeling fancy light some candles and pour yourselves some wine!



      1. Relaxing Spa Weekend Away

      Nothing is more relaxing than having a weekend of spa treatments, lounging by the pool, and popping in and out of the sauna. Many spas have great deals on now, so get booking!


      9. Theatre Trip

       Theatre London

      Photo Credit Instagram: @paugrima

      West End shows are always an amazing experience! A few popular ones right now are Les Misérables, Wicked, Phantom of The Opera and The Lion King.


      10. Ice Bar

      Ice Bar London

      Photo Credit Instagram: @icebarlondon

      Huddle together in the -5°C freezing conditions, as you marvel at how skilfully everything is made of ice - even the walls!


      Whatever you decide to do this Valentines Day, I hope you have a good one!


      AmyLouise x

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