Must-Have Gym Essentials for Summer Workouts

Posted on 27 August 2019

Must-Have Gym Essentials for Summer Workouts

Even in the UK, Summer can turn you into hot mess. Disguising this is a MUST.

Whether you plan to hit the gym extra hard, take up running for all the half-marathons on offer or just need that extra bit of motivation that, let’s be honest, most of us need.

We have all the gym essentials you could ever need to ensure you are nailing the summer workouts, giving you the ultimate confidence.

A cap

Wanting to shade your face from the sun or generally just hide in the gym – a cap is the answer.

A calm but collected look with the benefit of no one approaching you. Also, ideal if out running on the occasional day we get some good ol’ British sun.

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Breathable trainers

Good trainers are a necessity if you are a bit of a gym lad. Investing in a good pair that are comfy and breathable is always worth it if you are using them regularly.

Working out can get pretty sweaty, allowing body heat to escape where you can will work to keep you as cool as possible.

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Cooling towel

It may look hot on the cover of Men’s Health but realistically, no one wants to be next to a dripping, sweaty mess at the gym.

Designed to absorb sweat and keep you drip free – defo a summer gym essential.

Yoga mat

Exercise anywhere, even if you’re not a yoga fan.

On your summer holiday and worried about skipping leg day or losing those rock-solid abs?

Simply lay down a yoga mat on your balcony, by the pool or even on the beach and get a quick session in.

Wireless headphones

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing – music is a must have.

It passes the time spent on the treadmill and with the right sound, motivates you to push harder and achieve your best.

Plus, wireless means you can be sure to avoid getting tangled up in the equipment and making a total fool of yourself.

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Smart watch

It is easy to go outside and run for the hills or pedal as fast as possible on the bike at the gym, but is there any point if you aren’t tracking your progress?

A smart watch can do just this. With advanced technology able to track distance, heart rate, recovery and display the affect a workout has had on your body and the progress you are making.

A little bit extra, but, a practical accessory that still looks stylish.

Bum bag

Ever got into the gym and had to juggle your phone, keys and gym card all whilst trying to put in maximum effort? Yeah…not cute.

Obviously, you don’t want to be strolling in with a bag half your size but a small bum bag strapped around your waist or across the body works perfectly.

Hands-free and full range of movement without smashing your phone or having to replace your gym card for the third time because you’ve lost it.

Herschel and EastPak have ones that are small and compact, so ideal for the gym.

Foam roller

The portable massage that will save you from serious DOMS.

A foam roller is essential for looking after your muscles, avoiding injury and improving performance if you are smashing it in the gym. 

Use for around a minute on each muscle that needs it with a firmness of your choice.

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TOP TIP: Drink plenty of water. There are loads of smart water bottles available to ensure you are drinking enough in the warmer summer weather.


What are your fitness goals this summer?

Speak soon,

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