Men’s Latest Urban Street Style - Summer 2019

Posted on 24 July 2019

Men’s Latest Urban Street Style - Summer 2019



Want to cop the hottest street style looks for summer? It’s never too late to try new trends that fit the ever-popular, ‘urban’ style.
But what is urban fashion? Instead of coming hot off the Paris runway after being created by top designers, urban fashion trends are born on the street. Inspired by a combo of skateboard culture, youth culture, various music industries including hip hop and day to day lifestyles, this style doesn’t want to bow down to mainstream fashion trends. Instead, individuality is celebrated, as a person’s attitudes and lifestyle is easily reflected in their wardrobe.
You in? Here are all the latest trends to get your outfits looking less catwalk ready and more rough around the edges.

Muted Tones

Layering these colours to piece your outfit together helps to create an uplifting, lighter aesthetic. Beige is pretty timeless when it comes to fashion, so you’ll see this colour crop up all year round. Just FYI, muted tones = white, cream, beige, camel and stone.
Image from Kings Will Dream
Staying simple with 50 shades of beige will give you a classic look throughout summer. If you’re after a summer tan, this shade only enhances a bronzed-god like look, would deffo recommend.
These shades are also pretty versatile so keep these pieces out all year long!

Blocks of Colour

Opposite to the above style, these looks are a little more lively. One thing in common though, they’re both super simple. Introduce blocks of primary colours to your outfit to find yourself styling the latest summer urban trend.
We love an all-black look as much as the next guy. Minimal effort with maximum impact. But don’t be afraid to add a touch of colour to start turning heads. Here are some options on how to style new colours this summer:
Image from Sergio Tacchini
BOLD: A statement coat and pair of trousers are for those who are a little braver. Bigger the risk, better the reward right?
SUBTLE: Lighten up a little with pops of colours strategically placed under other layers. I’m personally a fan of brightly coloured tees under a hoody.

Cross-Body Bags

Image from EastPak
Finally. Man bags that men want to wear. The bum bag has travelled north on the human body and this trend sees it sitting across the chest. Worn across the upper torso, the bag becomes more of a statement than an accessory.
If you’re sick of carrying everything in your pockets, there’s never been a better time for men’s bags than summer 2019! Check out our bum bags from big brands like Eastpak and Fila.

Light Denim

Light-wash denim has been revived! Stand out amongst the dark denim wearers with light denim, giving off all the retro, laid-back vibes.
Denim is super flexible with endless styling options. Need a quick and easy outfit? Double denim. Want an effortless, chilled look? Loose fitting denim, all the way. Want to stay urban? Roll up those hems and add a pair of white tube socks. Vans too if you wanna rock the ‘skater boi’ look.
Image from @olvh
This is another timeless classic that won’t be worn once and chucked to the back of your wardrobe. Keep hold of a decent pair of jeans as fashion always comes back around. Plus, it’ll be vintage by the next revival – bonus.
With summer in full swing, I can’t wait to see more of you guys getting into urban fashion and finding your own style. A fave out of the 4 trends listed in this post is Muted Tones, let me know if you’re taking on any of these trends this summer!

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  • Chris Harrison: October 22, 2019

    Thanks for sharing these tips. Cross body bags are in trend and I will shop them for sure.

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