Men’s Fashion: How to Style a White Tee

Posted on 25 June 2019

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A simple white tee is a staple item in any wardrobe, male or female. Timeless and versatile, it is a classic but casual addition to an outfit. Although an easy, ‘grab and go’ item, good styling is key. Fit, colour and style can determine whether it looks crisp and clean or just plain old scruffy (and not in a rugged kind of way!).

The Bomber

For more of an A/W look, a classic bomber jacket is the way to go.

Colour wise - think black, khaki or navy. These darker colours will create a strong contrast against the crisp white. Throw on some black jeans and maybe a suede Chelsea boot and you’re good to go.

man wearing bomber and white tee leaning against lamp post

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The Blazer

If you are after a well-groomed evening look but don’t need to go as far as a shirt, a white tee with a smart blazer is an ideal combo.

A blazer is the centrepiece of the whole outfit. So, whether you decide to pair it with smart shoes and trousers or a more casual alternative, you can be sure that you will look just as polished. 

two men wearing white tee and blazer

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Step back in time and add some braces if you want to look extra dapper.

The Chino

Chino trousers can sometimes be seen as ‘outdated’. But, styled right, they are still very much in fashion. The fit of this style is crucial. Ill-fitting trousers can throw off the whole ensemble and take away from the slick appearance,

Light and dark colour chinos both compliment a white tee well so the choice is entirely yours.

The Denim Short

When the sun decides to make an appearance (not very often in the UK, it seems), cooler clothing options are necessary. The most casual of the bunch, blue denim shorts teamed with a white tee and trainer is textbook for a chilled Summer day.

man on bike wearing denim shorts and white t-shirt

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Although, what is the rule these days on whether you can wear white to a BBQ?

The White Trainer

The finishing touch.

Shoe choice is the cherry on top that can change the whole outfit. A white trainer will perfectly compliment the colour of the tee and bring the whole look together. Pair with a grey blazer and navy chino for ultimate ‘cool but collected’ vibes,

man wearing white tee and trainers leaning against car

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The Loafer

For a smarter option, you can’t go wrong with a sturdy loafer. Great with the previously mentioned chino and blazer, especially for those more special occasions such as date night or drinks with the boys at one of the classier bars in town.

Browns compliment this look best as it adds a slight contrast but it’s still a neutral – and the shade options are endless!


Now, if you are ever stuck for what to wear, dig out your white tee and style accordingly for any occasion, using this guide. With Summer just around the corner, we have got your back for this season when it comes to the best men’s fashion staples.

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