How to Nail Poolside Style this Summer

Posted on 08 August 2019

How to Nail Poolside Style this Summer

Summer is here and that means one thing – jetting off to chase the sun, ASAP.

BUT, are you poolside ready?

We all saw Ovie from Love Island nail the poolside fashion game which has deffo upped all of our expectations. Bucket hats, bold print shirts and chilled out vibes. We. Are. Here. For. It.

Although this won’t make you into a 6ft7 basketball player, it will send you well on your way to smashing your summer holiday look…

Cool and collected

Whether you prefer to chill on the sun lounger or salmon into the pool, you want to look on point whilst doing it, right?

Shorts are a poolside STAPLE. Opt for a cotton or chino style if you plan to stay on the side-lines OR a bold swim short if you are looking to make more of a splash.

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To top off the cool and collected aura, add a pair of sliders or even espadrilles for ultimate comfort.

Throw shade

The sun might be blazing but people are bound to be throwing shade somewhere.

Stay out of the drama with a bucket hat and a pair of round, reflective sunnies and all peace will be restored.

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A solid look that will keep you on trend…plus, you won’t have to worry about styling your barnet.

Blend in

Originally more of an urban style, camo has come full circle and hit the poolside.

If you missed leg day one too many times, it is a pattern that will add dimension and width, bringing focus to another part of your look. If in swim shorts, keep them mid-thigh length to avoid those overly surfer vibes.

Add an edge

The shirt is unbuttoned, those much worked on pecs are out in the open – now you just need that lil something to bring the edge.

Layered chains or pendants bring a sexy addition to your poolside look. Choose a metal tone that compliments your skin colour and wear against other colours or even beaded styles.

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Remember those little beaded or woven bracelets you used to sport at the school disco? Well, it is time to bring them back out. A few of these stacked on the wrist gives off effortless beachy vibes.

A perfect match

Looking for the perfect match this summer? It all starts with the outfit.

A bold, patterned or floral co-ord will take you from a SICK poolside look to an equally as cool but laidback pair of shorts for when you up the heat or go for a dip.


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Plus, making enough of a statement on its own, you don’t need to accessorise much as it will do ALL the talking for you.

Remember the essentials

When the sun sets and the evening pool party begins, you are gonna want somewhere to put your sunnies and make sure your phone doesn’t end up drinking more than you have.

A cross body or bum bag gives you a place to keep all of the essentials without cramping your style (like your mum has been when constantly texting you about applying sun cream).


When will you be back by the poolside? Whenever it may be, you can rely on us.

Speak soon,


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