Home Workout Tips If You’re Stuck in and Can’t Get to The Gym

Posted on 02 April 2020

Home Workout Tips If You’re Stuck in and Can’t Get to The Gym

Who else is missing the gym? I certainly am! But don’t worry, your fitness regime doesn’t have to take a back seat whilst we’re social distancing.

Exercise is a great way to keep your body and mind healthy. Not only that, but it’s also a great way to fill your days when you’re stuck at home. Lucky for you, there’s plenty of home workouts you can get involved in, let’s take a look…

Plan a workout schedule and stick to it

If you’re gonna commit to exercising regularly, the best thing to do is to create a workout schedule and set yourself goals. Decide what days of the week you’re going to work out and choose if you prefer to exercise in the mornings, afternoons or evenings. You could also plan what exercises you want to do each day. Make sure you mix it up to challenge yourself and keep it interesting, and remember, not every day is leg day! 

Then, try to stick to this schedule where poss!

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Create a workout Spotify playlist

No workout is complete without a brill Spotify playlist. Make a workout playlist packed full of your favourite hits and upbeat, vibey tunes. This will help you stay motivated and focused during your sessions.

Warm up and cool down

Remember to make sure you’re warming up and cooling down. This is important to help your body prepare for exercise and recover afterwards.

TOP TIP: Make sure you’re staying hydrated! Drink plenty of water whenever you work out.

Download a fitness app  

Downloading a fitness app is a great way to discover new exercises, to help you stay motivated and to track your progress. 

Here are some of our fave fitness apps:

  • Shreddy – Perfect for home workouts (and gym workouts when we can return to the gym!) There are so many challenging and versatile exercises for you to try.
  • Fiit – The No. 1 rated fitness app currently on the market. It offers a range of classes for people of all different abilities to complete in the comfort of your own home. 
  • 30 Day Ab Challenge – Complete daily exercises to help strengthen and tone your core. Get your summer bod ready!
  • Simply Yoga – Provides you with your own personal yoga instructor to guide you through each exercise and position.

Do you use any of these? Let us know!

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Head to Youtube

If fitness apps aren’t for you, Youtube is also jam packed full of free workout videos, tutorials and more. Check it out!

Do body weight-based exercises

No weights? No problem! Not everyone has a set of weights at home, but you can still get a good workout in by using just your body weight. You can do a number of body weight-based exercises including planks, push ups, squats, lunches, glute bridges, crunches and more!

If you have a resistance band at home, throw that into the mix too!

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Get yourself a workout buddy (in your household)

Working out with someone else adds a competitive edge, can help you train harder and makes exercising more fun. Ask someone in your household if they will commit to a weekly session with you and challenge each other. 

You could even ring a friend and do the same workout over Facetime!

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We hope these home workout tips will come in handy over the next few weeks! It’s still business as usual here at UKK so if you’re in need of new fitness gear, take a look at our men’s joggers, men’s trainers and the rest of our collection.  

Catch ya later!

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