Food Trends to Try this Summer

Posted on 12 June 2019

Food Trends to Try this Summer

We all know that for a food post to make it on the gram, it has to impress. The competition for the most out-there food pics is on! Check out which food trends will be at the top of the list this summer so you can outdo your pals on your social feeds.

Dessert Hummus

Hummus is making a comeback in the form of dessert – sounds gross, right?

But, don’t knock it! It obviously doesn’t taste like the savoury hummus we all know and love. With flavours from brownie batter to red velvet, I am definitely hoping that this US ‘dessert hummus’ trend storms the UK soon. 

chocolate dessert with biscuits

Photo credit: @delightedbydesserts

Cookie Shot

Bringing new meaning to milk and cookies, the cookie shot has been around for a while but will see a big hype this coming summer. Often served with milk, melted chocolate or even alcohol and now being made from other ingredients like cereals.

Created by Dominique Ansel, the insane pastry-chef and king of the food trends who also created the famous Cronut, the Cookie Shot can stay!  

cookie shot in front of flowers

Photo credit: @thefoodfighters

Cloud Eggs

How do you like your eggs in the morning? As white and fluffy as a cloud, apparently!

Eggs are nothing new when it comes to Instagrammable breakfasts. However, the typical boomerang of bright orange yolk oozing out of your poached egg is being pushed to the sidelines to make room for the latest trend - the cloud egg.

A little more effort to make than your standard fried egg, but make a pretty cute addition to your avo on toast and an impressive snap for the socials! Add some bacon for the ultimate brekkie (and calorie intake!).

cloud egg on toast with avocado

Photo credit: @thebodycoach

Will this intricate food trend last or is it just that bit too much agg to make yourself?

Bubble Waffles

Another popular one that seems to be sticking around – the ‘bubble wrap’ waffle.

A combination of a waffle and an ice cream cone – what more could you want? Filled with cream or ice cream along with a whole host of other sweet treats, it is obvious why people are still drooling over this insane dessert. 

oreo and lotus bubble waffles

Photo credit: @nosteagia

Avo (round 2 – or 3 or 4)

Avocado – the gift that keeps on giving. A firm fave amongst every influencer or blogger for a good few years now and this year, it is by no means the end of the avo.

The original trend that blew up was the now more traditional avocado on toast. Since then, the craze has got bigger and bigger and is everywhere. And we mean everywhere. You would have seen it appear on birthday cards, socks, people are even getting it tattooed on them. Food wise, it has moved way beyond plain old toast to insane burgers, sushi and even as a baking ingredient for the vegans among us.


Rice Paper Spring Rolls

Perfect for summer and a stunning addition to the Instagram feed, these spring rolls made from rice paper allow every colourful ingredient to show through. Step it up a level and throw an edible flower or two in there. Super healthy as well to make up for the previously mentioned, highly calorific treats!

 Japanese rice spring rolls

Photo credit: @inamariehagen

It is going to be a good ’un with all of this on offer! Which of the latest food trends are you going to try this Summer?

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