Banksy appears in Croydon

Posted on 04 October 2019

Banksy appears in Croydon

Banksy in Croydon

Banksy is a mystery England-based street artist who has been blessing us with his work since the 1990s, and recently, this elusive artist has got us all talking…

For those of you who haven’t been scrolling on Twitter this week, Banksy’s latest installation arrived in Croydon, South London.

Banksy has set up a pop-up shop in Croydon. The store, based on the corner of Church Street, appeared just overnight.

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Pop-up shop Croydon

The pop-up shop named “Gross Domestic Product”, consists of five shop windows with a different theme for each window. The items in the shop windows are all labelled with barcodes and a link for people to buy online. Wouldn’t you just love to get your hands on some of Banksy’s stash!?

Most famously, the shop features the stab vest Stormzy was wearing for his headline act at the Glastonbury Festival earlier this year. Check it out:

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It also features a baby mobile surrounded by CCTV cameras, a selection of clocks with Banksy’s classic works splashed on the face and a Tony the Tiger rug.

Banksy posted on Instagram images of the shop, explaining “I’m opening a shop today” but that “the doors don’t actually open.”

He also recommended to the public that it’s “probably best viewed at night.” Have you paid Banksy’s latest surprise a visit yet?

The story behind the shop

The pop-up shop was supposedly launched because a greeting cards company was attempting to legally trade using the country’s favourite mystery’s name.

The artist opened the store after being advised having a physical shop selling his trademark would help with the trademark held over the art.

We’re defo backing Banksy on this creative and cool idea!

Why UKK loves Croydon

And what better place could Banksy have picked for the location of his pop up shop. Here at UKK, Croydon is defo up there with our fave areas in London.

Boxpark Croydon is a foodie’s paradise. It’s refurbished shipping containers are home to a huge range of trendy food and drink stalls, all in one place. It hosts a variety of independent street food from Greek to Thai to Argentinian. What’s more, there’s an expansive roof terrace perf for the summer months where you can enjoy a cheeky cocktail (or two) and maybe a bubble tea too. Sounds cool, right?

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Wandle Park is another beaut location in Croydon. This 21-acre park is perfect to host a picnic with your mates or to go on a run in the mornings.

And if Banksy’s new pop up store isn’t enough art for one day, Croydon is also home to Art Rebellion. This super modern art gallery features up and coming artists as well as a trendy café for you to chill out in with a cuppa.


Banksy’s physical shop is only up for the next two weeks so make sure you check it out before it magically disappears again. Whilst you’re at it, head to our fave places in Croydon.

With all eyes on urban fashion, Stormzy’s stab vest has got to be our highlight of Banksy’s shop. He paired this specially designed stab vest with some fresh joggers. Why not check out UKK’s selection of joggers?

For more of the latest looks, check out our most recent blog on the Autumn 2019 Fashion: Top Trends or head to our Insta for more inspo.

Catch ya later!

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