Anthony Joshua – Real or Fake Persona?

Posted on 28 April 2017

Anthony Joshua – Real or Fake Persona?

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On 29th April, Anthony Joshua (aka Femi) is faced with the biggest fight of his career, going up against Vladimir Klitschko for the IBF world title.  Anthony Joshua has become hugely popular amongst the British public, often referred to as a 'hero', 'role model' and 'superstar'. However, his character is constantly being called into question with people asking whether it's genuine or an act! He has always owned his bad past. I think that is what makes him relatable to the fans out there.

Let’s take it back to 10 years ago... I had just left school in St. Albans to go to West Herts college in Watford to do my A levels. The real reason I chose that college is because I heard it was lit! No really, that's honestly why I went there, and it didn't disappoint! I wasn’t the only one, college is where we all gathered together to just have fun. Every day there was a different motive. This is where I first came across Femi, we had a lot of mutual friends so our paths were bound to cross. Back then he wasn't the loudest guy, and was always 'low key' doing his own thing. People assume just because he's a big black guy, if he's not being loud and brash like Adrien Broner, Floyd Mayweather and Chris Eubank Jr. he's being fake? That's so ridiculous, it's beyond crazy.

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Femi was just a typical boy from ‘ends’, ABH and drug charges were nothing new especially in our circle of 'friends'. But he managed to break that cycle after getting into trouble with the police and he used boxing to turn his life around. We live in a society today where young people carry knives like its an oyster card. Getting arrested, going to prison or ending up dead isn't a deterrent for them to turn their life around.

Just last weekend I was talking to my younger cousin. She was telling me about her friend (only 17) getting 25 years for stabbing someone and 'accidentally' killing them! So having someone like Femi in the mainstream media, shows them that it's possible to leave that life behind. He didn’t ask to become a role model or idolised. But because of his relatable past and upbringing to so many, he’s setting an amazing example that you can go from nothing to something!

You can watch the fight on the Sky Box office at 10pm, Saturday 29th April.

Good luck Femi. You've got the whole of the UK behind you!



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