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Posted on 05 June 2017

Grime 4 Corbyn

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Last week I won tickets to #Grime4Corbyn. If you remember my last post you’ll know that I said it would be interesting to see what the event would be like. I’m not really in to politics, but as soon as I found out that I won tickets my curiosity grew, so I couldn’t not go! The event was created due to the UK Grime music scene all coming behind Jeremy Corbyn, and publicly supporting him which is something that has never been done before. The space they had it in (STYX) worked really well. A very intimate setting, with enough pace to move around so you didn’t feel suffocated. There were 3 stages set up, plenty of seating areas which quickly filled up, a bar and a Roti hut.Grime4Corbyn

To open the event, they had a panel of speakers to get things started. Femi Oyeniran (Actor and Film Producer) Slix from Ruff Sqwad and the Basement Approved were just a few of the panellists. They held a Q&A with the audience, and one of the topics was ‘how young people engage with politics’. It was discussed in depth how politicians don’t make the effort to appeal to the younger generation. It was interesting to hear a lot of people’s thoughts on the subject matter. It came up multiple times that, people don’t agree with committing themselves to support a party long term. They are more than happy to support Jeremy Corbyn and his policies, as they feel he represents them a lot more than any of the other candidates.Grime4Corbyn

12-year-old Tofi from Woolwich came on to the mic to read a poem he wrote. I wasn’t sure what to expect but one thing was for sure you could tell he was nervous. However, as soon as he got on that mic and started speaking everyone in the audience was immediately mind blown! All you could think was omg you’re 12? Wow. The confidence that radiated from him as he spoke was truly astounding. You could hear and feel the passion and pain in his voice. Once he finished speaking there was a standing ovation.Grime4Corbyn

Overall, it was very interesting event and I’m glad I didn’t miss it. I didn't have any expectations as I honestly didn't know what to expect. But it surpassed anything I could have imagined. And I'd happily attend another event like this in the future even if it was for another political party. As the atmosphere, the vibes and the people were all great.

Until next time guys.

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