Reason Homies T-Shirts, Sweats & Beanie Hats at UK Kolours

Posted on 05 November 2014

Reason Homies T-Shirts, Sweats & Beanie Hats at UK Kolours

Founded in 2004, New York based clothing brand Reason has been a huge hit here in the UK with their Homies branded collection of clothing. Known for the super-hip selection of women’s t-shirts, sweaters and beanie hats, the Homies range headed up their tongue in cheek take on a multitude of designer logos, spinning them in an amusing way. Reason clothing produce short, limited runs of each style to emphasise a feeling of exclusivity for the customer. Their statement t-shirts can be worn casual or evening and one of our favourites and a best seller is the black Homies t-shirt.


Reason Homies T-Shirt Black


Why not make a statement and pair this t-shirt with a midi skirt and a pair of heels or with jeans and converse. Here at UK Kolours we appreciate a bit of irreverence now and then in the world of high fashion and it seems that some of the edgiest ladies on the style scene do too. Both Cara Delevingne below and her model pal Jordan Dunn are sporting Homies beanie hats. 

Khloe Kardashian and Rihanna have also been seen sported their Homies sweatshirts and t-shirts.

Their ‘Homies’ print wasn’t the only in-demand style. Reason have also created a stir with their take on other big brands such as Fendi to Trendi and Chanel to No1 Cares t-shirts. The trend for these brand logo t-shirts originates from LA Designer Brian Lichtenberg who also started his streetwear brand with BLTEE and similar cheeky prints that poked fun of various luxury fashion brand names. Reason clothing is a simple, creative and fun ways to show your tongue in cheek admiration for key big brands in fashion without breaking the bank but also giving you some major street cred along the way! What do you think of these styles? Will you be making a statement in this cheeky trend?

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