Clothing & Fashion Trends for Spring/Summer 2013

Posted on 17 April 2013

Clothing & Fashion Trends for Spring/Summer 2013

The weather will soon be warming up (finally!) and everybody is waiting to indulge in their favourite summer activities. While you anticipate the fun and excitement of spring and summer you’ll also be wondering what you should be wearing in the coming months. Let us take you through what’s hot and trending for this season’s fashions so you can express yourself with your favourite new styles.


1. Metallics The spring/summer runways for 2013 were shining with metallic hues such as bronze, silver and  gold, giving a futuristic twist to the season’s collections. Some high end designers have been experimenting with this theme in recent times and it continues to shine brightly for spring/summer ’13. If you’ve already invested in some shimmering clothing, flaunt this style and enjoy cutting-edge metallics as they’re here to stay.



2. Oriental inspiration Oriental printed silks and kimonos will continue to be everywhere, broadening the options for fashion inspiration this year and allowing trend setters to let their imagination run wild combining classic and contemporary fashion cohesion. This goes to show that there are no limitations or hard and fast rules as to what you can get away with in your clothing choices. Indulge in inspiration from different parts of the world and never get bored with what’s in your wardrobe.


3. Capes We all know a cape is a perfect accessory for the winter months but don’t be surprised to see capes being used as summer accessories this year, but with much lighter colourways to suit the season. Capes have been a common sight on the runways for S/S 2013 so we’re sure to be seeing more of them on the high street in the coming months.


4. Playful retro pieces Another new trend filtering through this summer is the inspiration from the playful side of 1950s and 1960s fashion. Bold prints, bright colours and short a-line hems will be popular in young womens fashion. This style of dress will pair perfectly with cat-eyes sunglasses, small box handbags and colourful bangles.


5. Leather Even though leather is a great winter classic, it’s not just exclusive to that season any more. Lighter weight leather in paler hues will be popular this year. This is a very versatile fabric as you can transform it to suit the mood and look you want to express. It can be edgy or amazingly elegant depending on how you decide to stylise your look. Fitted leather clothing can show off a stunning feminine silhouette for an androgynous fashion fix.  Also watch out for contrast leather sleeves added to dresses, jumpers, knitwear and jackets. Browse our big name brands at the best prices to see you through the Spring and Summer months in 2013 with great designer clothing for all occasions.

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