Vero Moda - Offering the Best of UK High Street Fashion

Posted on 17 April 2013

Vero Moda - Offering the Best of UK High Street Fashion

Top quality fashion always used to come with a high price tag.  Ladies who like to be seen wearing the very latest fashion trends, the hottest new fabrics, colourways or cuts haven’t always found it easy to get their hands on fabulous fashion without some serious saving up first.  Along with the likes of Topshop and Zara, the Danish fashion brand Vero Moda is at the forefront of changing the way we shop and dress with quality young womens fashion that’s extremely affordable.



For young women just starting out in their career, with rent to pay, hefty student debts and a whole load of important monthly expenses to manage, that monthly pay check doesn’t seem to stretch very far! With this in mind, the Vero Moda UK brand was born and is now highly sought after by fashion conscious independent young women who want to dress in style but within their budget. In the late 80s Vero Moda was launched to fill this overlooked gap in the clothing market. Many high profile top fashion models have been the face of Vero Moda over the years, helping strengthen the brand’s image and grow it’s fan base and it is now becoming one of the most popular clothing brands for young women throughout the UK and Europe. The clothing range offers a number of collections, one for exclusive online designs, their “Basics” for everyday style, “Vero Moda Very” for a touch of luxury and their new off-shoot “Noisy May” for those who love their denim.



Vero Moda offers a line of sophisticated day wear and smart and fashionable evening wear. Their collection of great denim, elegant dresses, fantastic knitwear and unbeatable coats and jackets make it easy to dress for any occasion and look effortlessly beautiful. No matter what you choose from this brand, a minimalistic yet wonderfully classy feel is guaranteed.  Why not splash out on a fresh look this Summer with a stunning Vera Moda short biker jacket. Shed those layers of heavy coats and woollen jumpers and team it up with the Geller HW Zip Leggings for a cool look for the new season. If you’re dedicated to denim try the Vero Moda Wonder Denim Jeggings in a variety of colours from their hugely desirable selection of styles to satisfy all tastes. Matching tops and trousers complete the look giving you all the fashion options you need to achieve the perfect mix of edginess and femininity.

Vero Moda offers girls everywhere gorgeous and affordable clothing, and here at UK Kolours we go even further giving you excellent discounts on their already fantastic prices. We give real value for money through our secure online website. Simply sign-up to our latest offers and get another 10% off your first order. Irresistable? Absolutely - happy shopping!


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