UCLA Hoodies, Sweats & Joggers – Casual Collegiate Clothing UK

Posted on 26 October 2012

UCLA Hoodies, Sweats & Joggers – Casual Collegiate Clothing UK

With the start of the new school and university year, requests have been pouring in for fresh collegiate clothing ideas. Bad choices on the fashion front can be a mistake that could haunt you for the whole year ahead. But you can become a head turner for all the right reasons with the collection of UCLA casual collegiate clothing that UK Kolours has to offer. If you’re looking to add fresh new styles to your wardrobe every piece of the UCLA collection is worth trying. College campuses are havens for those wishing to showcase the very latest trends and fashions. Just as students desire the most cutting-edge technology and gadgets, the right clothing choice is just as important.



When new trends hit the market they conquer college campuses a long time before the rest of the world catches on. UCLA clothing is a favourite among students because of its bold yet simple and wearable designs. The clothes are durable and classically styled so they’ll not become outdated quickly, making them great value for money too. The UCLA collection is a great choice because each item is really versatile and can be teamed up with a multitude of the clothes and accessories in your wardrobe to easily create a comfortable, casual but trendy look.

Students from different regions of the country will have different views and tastes on fashion and their favoured styles. Some of the trends that students wish to try can also be a contentious issue for parents or tutors, approved by some and not by others. Different campuses have different norms and the general collegiate wardrobe differs greatly from location to location. The community surrounding the college has a big impact on the students’ choice of clothes too. Luckily UCLA has a broad range of styles giving wearers the freedom and flexibility to adapt to all the influences students face from the college grounds, sports field, city streets and all their favourite hang outs.

Students need to feel equally comfortable during long lectures, around campus and on the sports field so UCLA hoodies, t-shirts, jogger bottoms, sweatshirts and body warmers provide the perfect combination of easy to wear fashion. The UCLA brand originated from the University of California in Los Angeles and their range of designer clothing always speaks of power and achievement. The UCLA clothing range reflects the relaxed and casual style apparel of the US college campus.

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