Havaianas – ‘The' Brand Name in Summer Flipflops from Brasil

Posted on 10 August 2012

Havaianas – ‘The' Brand Name in Summer Flipflops from Brasil

If you want style and comfort for your feet then you definitely need a pair of Havaianas flipflops. Flipflops are an essential part of your casual footwear and you’ll need a pair when you’re off to the beach, going for a lazy summer stroll, to wear around the house or simply to give your feet a comfortable rest. Flipflops are a must during hot weather to stay cool and look great.

Havaianas is synonymous with flipflops and it’s the first brand that comes to our mind when we think of summer footwear and there’s very good reason for that! Havaianas have been around for 50 years and they are known to offer the best for your feet. The materials used in manufacturing, the design of the sole and straps and the choice of styles make it a clear leader in the market.

Havaianas are worn by everyone! European royals, the hottest celebrities, top notch businessmen, company executives, teenagers.... you name it, everyone owns a pair. This is something very unique, especially for a footwear brand, but the diversification and availability of the product has made them massively popular amongst a huge market who enjoy wearing their flipflops.

Havaianas flipflops come in a variety of colours and designs, some in single hues while others are adorned with multiple colours and graphic prints. The sole and straps provide a cushion and fit for fabulous comfort.

Flipflops are generally unisex footwear but with certain styles, such as the Havaianas Slim or Slim Season, you can create a quite specific look that’s perfect for a women looking for something a little more feminine. There’s also plenty for the guys, they can go bold with colour; more and more men are experimenting with fashion, opting for brightly coloured flipflops and Havaianas offer an extensive range to suit all tastes with their growing product range.

With their roots in Brazil, Havaianas have offered nothing but the best since their inception in 1962. What’s impressive about the brand is that it never goes out of fashion; they consistently bring their classic look to any wearer. So if you want to carry off super-cool summer style grab yourself a pair of Havaianas.

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